The Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) is a consortium of 42 professional associations concerned with the creation and promotion of professional standards for the development, assessment, and improvement of quality student learning, programs, and services. ACPA has been actively involved in CAS since its inception in 1979 and sends liaisons to its board. As a means of supporting ACPA members in their professional endeavors, we provide complimentary access to CAS Standards and Guidelines through the ACPA Member Portal.

The CAS Self-Assessment Guides for all 45 sets of CAS Standards are available for purchase as downloadable electronic documents from the online CAS Store. These downloadable assessment workbooks include the standards and guidelines along with a series of “criterion measure” statements used to judge the level of program compliance with the standard. More products are available on the CAS Store



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History with ACPA

ACPA was a founding member of the Council for Advancement of Standards in Higher Education in 1979. CAS is a consortium comprised of nearly 40 member organizations and nearly 100,000 professionals with a mission to "promote the improvement of programs and services to enhance the quality of student learning and development. CAS is a consortium of professional associations who work collaboratively to develop and promulgate standards and guidelines and to encourage self-assessment" (CAS, 2008).


Tim Gordon
ACPA CAS Director
Vice President for Student Affairs
SUNY Buffalo State
(716) 878-4704

Gavin Henning
ACPA Alternate CAS Director
Associate Professor of Higher Education
Director, Masters of Higher Education Administration
and Doctorate in Education Programs
New England College