ACPA 2022 Awards Nominations are Open!
Deadline 1 November 2021
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The ACPA Collaborative Excellence awards recognize a program (institution or department) which has demonstrated an exemplary partnership or an innovative, collaborative initiative among academic and student affairs professionals/departments for a sustained period of two or more years. This award recognizes achievements that support and foster college student learning through the generation and dissemination of knowledge. These achievements should also inform policies, practices and programs at a college/university. Nominations may be received from any individual, regardless of institutional or individual membership affiliation with ACPA.

Award Criteria

  • Evidence of exemplary partnership or collaboration for at least 2 years
  • Evidence that the program fosters student learning and has contributed positively to the university
  • Documented assessment of the program learning outcomes and results
  • Demonstrated Connection or Commitment to ACPA

Required Documentation

  • A brief abstract of the program
  • A nomination letter that articulates (a)  The program’s benefits to students; (b)  How the collaborative relationship (including the expression of values/ethics, roles/responsibilities, communication, and teams/teamwork) is critical to the achievement of the program’s goals and outcomes; (c)  Evidence that demonstrates excellence and effectiveness of the program; and, (d) the name, email address, and telephone number for the collaborative program’s point person
  • Copies of marketing materials, articles, or other publications related to the program, if appropriate
  • Two supporting letters from leaders in the field or a letter from the college/university president expressing why the collaborative program is so critically important to the institution in place of two supporting letters
  • Acknowledgement by senior leaders in the collaborating departments/institutions offering their support for the partnership and program (these may serve in the place of the two supporting letters or they may be simple brief statements of support in addition to the two letters)

2021 Recipient

Residential Life/Learning Communities Academic Interventions
SUNY Brockport