Individual Communities of Practice Awards

Each year, individual communities of practice recognize exemplary leaders, scholars, programs, institutions, and initiatives who contribute to the goals and mission of their respective community of practices. The management of each coalition’ sawards process is coordinated independently by each Community of Practice, so please refer to the awards directorate member (or similar role) in each Community of Practice for details on nominations for each award. Please note that awards and award titles and criteria may change from year to year. Again, please refer to each community of practice awards coordinator for specific information.

Community of Practice-Graduate Students and New Professionals

  • Outstanding Mentor to Graduate Students Award

  • Outstanding Mentor to New Professionals Award

  • Outstanding New Professional Award

  • Outstanding Dedication to Professional Service Award

  • Outstanding Doctoral Student Award

  • Outstanding Masters Student Award

Community of Practice Mid-Level

  • Outstanding Contributions to Mid-Level Professionals Award

  • MLCOP Recognition Award

  • Outstanding Contributions within the Mid-Level Community of Practice Award

  • Outstanding Research, Contribution and/or Scholarship Award

Community of Practice Senior-Level

Award recipients in these categories are usually announced in individual directorate open business meetings and receptions. Recipients are typically invited to an ACPA Recipient Reception during the ACPA Convention to celebrate all Chapter, Coalition, Commission, and Community of Practice Award recipients.

For questions, please contact the ACPA Awards Entity Group Awards Coordinator, at for more information.

Past Recipients