As an association dedicated to inclusiveness and human dignity, ACPA College Student Educators-International supports the many calls for action regarding Title IX’s ability to continue effectively protecting victims and survivors of sexual assault. Reducing protections of Title IX enforcement through the Office of Civil Rights regulations results in increased and undue burden and struggle on the part of victims and survivors when coming forward with their stories.

We agree with sexual assault victim advocates that the enforcement of Title IX provides adequate protections for both the rights of victims and survivors and the accused, and should continue to strive to protect those who have undergone trauma from further burden in reporting processes.

As representatives of student affairs leaders and college student educators, ACPA stands with the community of advocates for victims and survivors of sexual violence, and we strongly encourage continued institutional support for the rights and human dignity of students.

We strive to support and encourage an environment where sexual assault victims and survivors find the strength and support needed to step forward with their stories. We encourage policy-makers to consider the consequences of any changes that might create structural barriers to this.