Mission Statement for the Coalition for (Dis)Ability

In conjunction with the mission of ACPA—College Student Educators International, the Coalition for (Dis)ability is committed to values that support inclusivity, engage people to have new experiences, and inspire others to become advocates through our work. In addition, the coalition is dedicated to the advancement of disability education within the field of higher education to further awareness, eliminate commonly held misconceptions, and encourage people to view disability as a tenet of diversity.


As a coalition, we aim to pull together students, faculty, those with disabilities, disability service providers, and allies to carry out the mission of the CD.  The CD works with other inclusion groups in ACPA, by facilitating dialogue and collaboration.


Primarily focused on environmental accessibility, the coalition plays an integral role in providing access for the annual national convention.  The CD, through the leadership of the access chair, takes the lead ensuring that convention space, technology, and transportation are accessible to individuals of all abilities.  

We are happy to announce that the 2018 Access Guide to Convention is now available.  To obtain the Access Guide, please click here.


The CD values advocacy by recognizing and awarding  the work of professionals in higher education that raises awareness, promotes inclusivity, and encourages advocacy of individuals with diverse abilities.

Education Research

Within the coalition, we are dedicated toward the acquirement and dissemination of information regarding disabilities within society and, more specifically, higher education.  Through annual newsletters and social media, the coalition strives to educate practicing professionals on best practices and current events.


Current News about the Coalition

Congratulations to our 2021 Awards Recipients!

Disability Leadership Award: Carly Armour

Carly Armour, Award Recipient


ACPA21 Access Guide

The ACPA21 Equity & Inclusion team has prepared an Access Guide to provide information on accessibility relative to your experience during this virtual convention.

Download the ACPA21 Access Guide